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Statue of former Boston Mayor Kevin White at Fanueil Hall, Boston, MA

Persuant to yesterday’s post, here’s the resulting shot!

Congress Street at Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA

Oh the compromising positions we photographers find ourselves in trying to get “the shot”! Thanks to Melody for this one of yours truly…how did it turn out? Drop by tomorrow!

The Tall Ships, Boston Harbor, Boston, MA

Farmers Market at Copley Square, Boston, MA

Open every Tuesday and Friday during the summer-very neat!



Copely square, Boston, MA



St. Charles river, Boston, MA

Sailing lessons are offered all summer to kids for only a dollar-can’t beat that!


Charles River, Boston, MA

We went on the Duck tour and it allowed for some great photo opportunities from the perspective of the river-and it was great fun to boot! As a side note, the water of the Charles actually isn’t really all that dirty anymore either-but you’ve gotta love the song!


Boston Harbor Hotel at Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA

Charles River and Boston skyline, Boston, MA

I took this from our room on the 34th floor of the Marriott at Copley Square at about 4:30 in the morning-I was really surprised at how early the sun rises in New England…on the southern end of the coast it doesn’t rise until around 6:30! We had a wonderful view, as you can see. This is actually two photos stitched together for the full effect. For a larger view, go here.

More photos to come as I’m still wading through-stay tuned!

Newbury Street, Boston, MA

I’m really looking forward to this Thursday because we head to Boston for Melody’s solo show on Saturday at Lanoue Fine Art on Newbury Street, so I won’t be updating my photo blog for a week or so, but I’ll no doubt be returning with lots of photos! If you live in or near the Boston area and have a chance, come by for the opening reception - we’d love to meet you…I’ll be the one with the camera, of course!